Serbian cleaver professional custom made forged knife Jeralium (F2-9055)

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Jeralium is a professionally-done forged chef’s knife made of high-carbon-steel. The knives are sharpened manually by qualified craftsmen boasting over 30 years of using natural knife grinders from Mount Emei. Unlike common mechanically-made kitchen knives, the working lifespan of Jeralium knives is significantly longer. 

Thanks to the long-term experience of manufacturers and the unique forming technology that involves various heating methods, the Jeralium knife has ultimate rigidity and strength. Another benefit behind forged knives is that they have higher carbon content compared to others.

Carbon steel is steel with elevated carbon concentration. Steels may contain impurities of different metals. At the same time, it is exactly the percentage of carbon contained in the blade that plays a key role in the oxidation process. Generally, carbon steel blades contain from 0.5% to 1.5% carbon. This makes the knife extremely strong and durable. But due to the fact that carbon reacts with atmospheric oxygen, blades made of such steel also tend to quickly develop corrosion.

Pay attention! Knife care. After using, you should thoroughly wash and dry the knife without leaving any acid or alkaline agents on the blade. If you do not plan to use the knife for a long time, apply some vegetable oil on it. Store the knife in a place where moisture cannot penetrate.


Name: professional forged high-carbon-steel chef’s knife.

Brand: Jeralium.

Blade length: 17 cm

Blade width: 9.7 cm (the broadest point)

Blade thickness: 3.5 mm

Steel hardness: 60HRC

Net weight: 400+-gr.

Material: custom-made forged high-carbon.

Handle material: black pakkawood

Features: sharp razor for easy paper cutting

Case: High-quality PU leather case.

Delivery set:

1 * Chef’s knife

1 * Fabric case

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